Sunday, November 7, 2010


Calvin (in a quiet voice, peeking around the basement door AGAIN, 2 hours after initially being sent to bed): Excuse me, Mom. Excuse me?
Me (in my sternest voice): Calvin, go to bed! You should have been asleep hours ago.
Calvin: Mom, I just want to watch tv downstairs. With you, Mom.
Me: No!
Calvin: Please? Please, Mom?
Me: Okay, but only for two minutes. That's it.
Calvin: Can I have chocolate milk, Mom?
Me: No!
Calvin: Please? Please, Mom?
Me: Sigh. Okay, but only a tiny little bit.
Calvin: Mom, you're such a good girl.

Yes, he's over-indulged and manipulative, but dang it, if you can't control your own mother, what's the point?

Something new I've learned about myself: I hate grading papers. Absolutely loathe it. I will do anything to procrastinate, including making dumb blog posts.