Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Early Birthday

Even though my birthday is a month away, my mom insisted on celebrating it while we are in town and before they leave the country. We went up the canyon for a picnic, and had a fantastic time playing bocce, frisbee, Pooh Sticks (Winnie the Pooh fans will know), making smores, eating good food, opening fun presents, listening to Carrie's explanation of who "S.C. Hammer" was, and how he sang "can't touch that" in the early 90's, and just enjoying each other's company. I posted a lot of pictures, I know, but I left out dozens more. It was a perfect evening and I can't remember a birthday I've ever enjoyed more. Here are some highlights:

Maria blowing dandelions.

The boys playing bocce ball.

Calvin trying to steal my strawberry shortcake.

All of us at the picnic table.
Calvin couldn't have been more excited about all of the water. We let him play a little bit in the river running through the park.

More water time.

Roasting Marshmallows.

Maria became very attached to a tiny green caterpillar that she found. She was devastated when she put him down for a couple of minutes and he crawled away.

Playing Pooh Sticks on the bridge. (My mom NEVER stops working. She can't even bring herself to take her apron off for an evening outdoors.)

Andy and Jared with their kids on their shoulders.

Aysha, Aby, and Maria wearing the cowgirl shirts that Auntie Ruthie made them.

Me, Andy, and Calvin at the picnic table.

Curtis using a frisbee to fan the flames for Smores.

One big happy family. (We miss you David, Bek, and Joey!!!)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Portraits

My sister Mariah worked for KiddieKandids several years ago, so I asked if she still had any connections. She didn't know anyone there anymore, but the manager still didn't mind us coming in and having Mariah take some shots of Calvin. After our last horrible experience there, I was excited to work with someone that I know and who does a great job. She got some cute shots, and once again I bought more pictures than I should have. Here they are...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We Miss You!

After 12 full days without Andy, Calvin and I are ecstatic that he is coming to join us tomorrow. Now the fun will really begin!

Have a safe trip, babe. We love you and can't wait to see you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Country Living

The best thing about my parent's house is that it is right outside of the "city", so you have the convenience of everything you need within a few miles, but it's in a secluded neighborhood that feels like you have some space. It has been fun to spend a lot of time with Calvin outdoors, and today was no exception. Today we had what most of us city folk have rarely heard about, let alone experienced - a watering turn. I'm not sure how your turn is determined, or by whom, all I know is that lots of watering comes pouring out of irrigation pipes and floods the pastures. Today was our turn, and the little girls were running through the house screaming shrilly that they wanted to go play in it. It was a bit too chilly outside to go wading, but it was exciting to watch. The best part of today for me though was wrapping Calvin in a fleece and rocking him on the front porch as we watched the birds fly by, and having him fall to sleep contentedly in my arms. I could get used to this kind of quiet.

Mom and Dad's house from the front.

My dad in his waders as the water is just beginning to pour into the pasture.

This was at about 7pm MST.

Just as the water finished flooding things at about 9pm.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Trip So Far...

Last Wednesday Calvin and I flew into Utah for my sister's baby shower, my brother's high school graduation, and to visit my parents before they move to Israel in three weeks. We are staying through the end of May and just enjoying the extra time with family and celebrating my unemployment. Here are a few shots of the fun so far.

Calvin stole Maria's princess hat.

Calvin hasn't been feeling well since we got here, so Carrie dressed in a bathing suit and took him in the big jetted tub. He LOVED the bubbles!

Calvin loves being outside playing with his cousins and aunts and uncles.

Jesse with Aby in the bowl.

Maria, Aby, and Aysha in the cute pink matching dresses that Andy and I got them.

Aby and Calvin cuddling with Grandma.

Calvin loves the riding lawn mower. Jesse loads him on and drives him around the yard.

Calvin playing on the trampoline with Auntie Ruthie.

My parent's super fun back yard. The front part is set up for kids, and the back part of the yard is a pasture for Sailor the horse.

Calvin looking cute in his monkey outfit, all ready for the shower.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Most Anticipated Baby Shower

My sister has been trying to have a baby for the last ten years. A full decade of fertility treatments and adoption processes as she did everything possible to make that dream come true. Today I had the distinct honor of throwing the most anticipated baby shower of the decade as she finally awaits the arrival of her little boy in October. She is a beautiful pregnant woman, and those of us who love her and have known of her struggles couldn't be more thrilled. We had a great turn out and a whole lot of fun. Thank you to all of those who attended, and congratulations to Ruthie on your long awaited little miracle. Here are a few shots from the shower...

My parents have the perfect party house. We set up the games and shower in the living room, the food in the kitchen, and tables out in the yard so everyone could enjoy the beautiful weather.

A shot of the refreshment table.

MR specifically requested that our nieces come. They dressed up as princesses and were a fun addition to the little party.

Lots of fun presents (the dark blue balloon bouquet was from her Mother-in-law)

A tool belt full of baby supplies. Just what every multi-tasking mother needs.

Ruthie received a lot of adorable outfits and other gifts

My cute mommy and little niece Aby.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Engagement Anniversary

Last night I was looking through old pictures while I cleared off my work laptop and realized today is the 3rd anniversary of when Andy and I got engaged. I know that's not a REAL celebration, but I became amazed all of a sudden that it's been such a long time. We met in December and went on a few dates before I went home for Christmas, and then when I got back the first week of January he was there to pick me up at the airport with roses. Really by valentine's day we had decided we were going to get married. April he flew out to Utah to meet my family. May 14th he took me sailing with Captain Joe. I knew Andy had the ring because I could see the outline of the little box in his cargo pant pockets, and he kept touching it every 5 seconds to make sure it was still there. I was so antsy for him to pop the question, but it never came. When we got off of the boat at sundown, he knelt down on the pier, pulled out the box, and told me he'd like to try out "for better or worse, sickness and health, and whatever else they say." It was perfect, and I of course, said YES! My hands were so sunburned that they were swollen and the ring barely fit, but I still couldn't take my eyes off of it for at least a month. It was a perfect day.
Sailing in MD. Picture taken by Captain Joe.

When Andy went to meet my family for the first time, they greeted us with a huge sign and leis. Very embarrassing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gettysburg and Mother's Day

Today we tried to squeeze one last thing in before Carrie goes home on Wednesday, so we spent the day at Gettysburg. They have a new visitor's center that only opened a few weeks ago. We had a good time and it was a great reminder of our history. The best quote of the day was Carrie saying, "wait, there's a difference between the Civil War and the American Revolution?" Andy about went into a seizure, but she's adorable so it all works out.

When we got home Carrie prepared a wonderful Mother's Day meal and Andy pulled out some divine cheesecake. We had presents and a good time. Of course the very best part of Mother's Day was that Calvin is mine to keep forever.

I had wanted to do a blog entry about how amazing my mom is, but I didn't get around to it. Sad. She is the very best and one day I'll do an entry just for her. At least we had a long talk. I feel bad that we didn't call Andy's mom, but it was so late before we got off the phone with my family. At least we were able to spend some time with her earlier this week. Happy Mother's Day to the two women who have given Andy and I such a wonderful life!

(This picture is horrible. We were all so tired after traipsing through battlefields all day)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My First Haircut

We love Calvin's crazy hair, but it's getting out of control. He either looks like a disheveled orphan, or a fat little accountant with a comb-over, depending on the day. So today we decided it was finally time to give those locks some style. We just sat him in the bathroom sink so he couldn't get away, and luckily he thought it was fun. Here are the pics:



Friday - Last Day of Work

Yesterday was officially my last day of work. Technically I still have to work this weekend and Monday because I'm not finished with everything I had wanted to accomplish, but otherwise I'm officially a stay at home mom. Friday three of my favorite co-workers took me out to lunch at a fancy little place that used to be a bank but was converted into a restaurant. The food was amazing, and then they took me to this fun little nursery to buy me a goodbye gift. They bought me two huge flower pots that are the prettiest color ever, and a bunch of flowers to fill them. When I came home there was a gorgeous bouquet on the front door steps with a sweet note from the two managers I've worked for over the last several years. They're the best company and I'm really going to miss them.

This is to show you how big the flower pot really is.

This is just because Calvin is so stinkin' adorable

These are the flowers I planted. They'll be much prettier when they've all filled in.
This is my bouquet from the two managers I've worked for.

This morning I went into the office while it was empty to finish clearing out my office. This afternoon I had my exit interview with HR. It's kind of bittersweet. I feel like it's been a drawn out process because I gave 6 weeks notice so that we would have time to find and train someone new, so I'm glad it's finally over. But the other part of me can't believe it's really done. So for better or worse, it's on to a new chapter of my life.