Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Valentine's Package!

Last week we got a super fun V-day package in the mail from the Pennsylvania grandparents. The kids were beyond excited to unpack so much fun, and then we all sat in the same spot for 40 minutes indulging in the yummy goodness. Thank you for thinking of us Grandma and Grandpa Nelson!

I found a picture online of what it looked like before we devoured it:

I love Autumn's face in this one:
Cute chocolate monkey:
Unpacking the goodness:
Sampling the goodness:

My favorite was the chocolate popcorn. Calvin loved the cheese popcorn. Autumn shoved everything in her mouth, but I think she was partial to the honey roasted peanuts. Andy ate the chocolate chip cookies. There was something for everyone!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Calvin has been going around all week sounding out his letters. Last night his cousin had a shirt on that said cutie bug. He looked at the letters, and then started sounding out the b, and then the u, and then the g, and then a light bulb clicked, and he yelled bug!

He read his first word!