Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gravity Falls

On our way home from Seattle we stayed over night in Boise. The hotel was a dive--dark hairs on everything, suspicious looking sheets, terrible smell--but at least one good thing came of our stay there. Before going to bed we were flipping through the channels and found a gem of a new television show: Gravity Falls. They kept replaying it on the Disney channel, so we watched it over and over. It's probably too mature for our kids, but they thought it was hilarious. And so did I.

Since we've been home, we've watched each episode at least a dozen times (there are only nine so far). Maybe we're pathetic, but really, it's funny.

Calvin especially loves the boy Dipper (and Autumn loves his sister Mabel):

A few days ago we were getting ready to run some errands and I walked into the kitchen to Calvin saying, "Look at me, I'm Dipper!"

He was pretty pleased with the outfit he put together by himself. He also treats us to little nuggets he learns from the show.

Like when I was working on my laptop and he leaned over my shoulder from behind and whispered, "everything is different now" in a low, creepy voice. 

Or when he walked into the kitchen and slapped his chest and yelled, "you want a piece of me?"

Or today when he spent a lot of the day in time out. I usually go to his room after he's done his time and we talk about what he's done wrong and how he's going to do better. He was in there so much today that finally I just yelled for him to come out. He came into my room sobbing and screamed, "Okay fine, but I've got my eye on you!"

Not only is the show entertaining, but it's made the kids so much more interesting as well.

Monday, August 20, 2012


I don't know where she got it, but Autumn is into all things girly and princessy. She changes her clothes at least a dozen times a day and tries clopping around the house in little princess shoes with heels. Here's an example of one of her outfits:

Also, there's a story behind this Dora dress. She found it at Target in Seattle and fell in love with it. I offered her 20 other dresses instead because I thought it was ugly, but she wouldn't take any of them. When that didn't work, I told her no dress and started to drag her out of the store. She is usually so easy going and good-natured, so we weren't quite sure how to deal with it when she held onto the dress with tight little fists and screamed as we tried to pull her away. As any self-respecting sucker would do, we ended up buying the dress. She wears it more than almost anything else.

Swimming goggle fashion. What can I say, she is very versatile.
8/10 and 8/17

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learning to Ride

One of the fun parts of summer has been learning to ride the bikes and scooters.