Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Queen

Much to his father's horror, Calvin has been sporting my 30th birthday tiara and wand lately. A few weeks ago when I was sorting through some old boxes he saw them and pulled them out. He had me put the tiara on, and then pranced around singing, "I the queen!" over and over again. Today he had me put it on again and then went outside to play. He spent thirty minutes in the sandbox with his crown perched on his head. He loves the look and doesn't appreciate anyone saying anything negative about a little boy queen.

April Showers

I finally downloaded a bunch of pictures from my phone. This was in early April. I took the kids to my parents' house during a rain storm, and Auntie Carrie taught Calvin the fine art of puddle jumping. I love that the boy is still in the stage where everything is magical. (I guess Carrie is too, so maybe some people just don't grow out of it. I hope Calvin doesn't.)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visiting Teaching

In Mormon land we have a thing called Visiting Teaching. It's where you are assigned a few women to visit every month. The purpose is to make friends and meet each other's needs. I think it's a great program in theory, but as I tend to be anti-social it's not really my thing. I visit my ladies, and mine visit me. I keep it short and sweet. But this week when my gals came (I really do like all of the ones I visit and get visited by. I'm lucky.) we had the usual chit chat, and then one girl changed my opinion of her forever.

She's this gorgeous, size 0, peppy cheerleader type blond who wears 3 inch heels to church and always looks perfect. Today when Calvin walked in the room she perked right up and told him she had something for him. She pulled out her huge designer purse and it was like Mary Poppins' bag as she started pulling out a big bag of balloons and a pump. She then proceeded to blow up and twist balloons into every imaginable concoction. Calvin was in heaven, and I will always love her for being the one to make Visiting Teaching super exciting for a day.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Even though you're far away on our special day, leaving me by myself to deal with diapers and loneliness while you eat fancy meals with Joan and sleep full, uninterrupted nights (hopefully without Joan), I couldn't be more grateful that you are my one and only.

From the very beginning I loved so many things about you, and now four years, three moves, and two kids later, you're still my best friend and the one man who gives me butterflies in my tummy. I adore your face that I've come to know by heart. I adore the way you make me laugh, support my every hope and dream, treat our children, and the annoying way you call me pookie bear when I just want to be mad at you. I love you more than I ever knew I could, and I can't wait for many more anniversaries to come.

Enjoy the good food, sleep, and time to read. It's my anniversary present to you. As soon as you get home, I'm going to start cracking the whip again. Love you!

5 Months Old

Dear Autumn,

At five months old, you are honestly the sweetest kid I've ever met. You rarely cry. You smile constantly. You wake up happy. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you'll flash me a sleepy grin. You are happy and delightful. Sometimes your dad and I discuss whether it's normal for a kid to smile so much. You are also super cuddly. You are always nuzzling into my neck or holding onto some part part of my hand or arm, just to be constantly touching (honestly, it drives me crazy at night. I can't wait until you're in your own bed. I don't like people touching me when I'm trying to sleep. No offense.)

Some things of note: your hair seems to be turning into a reddish blond color. It's an adorable ball of fuzz that sticks out all over the place. We're pretty sure that if you're a redhead that you'll be a cute one - they can go either way.

You laugh mostly for Calvin and your dad. They have the ability to act goofy and hit your funny bone like nobody else.

You like to see everything that's going on around you, but rather than turning around, you prop your weight on to the top of your head, arch your back, and watch what's going on behind you upside down.

You have become very mobile. You roll around the floor, scooting across the room and all over the place. Your favorite place is the playroom since it's soft carpet and has bright toys all over the floor for you to pick up. Calvin doesn't appreciate that you've invaded his territory.

The last five months have been so much fun. We adore you 100% and can't wait to see what the next weeks bring in your quickly developing little body and mind.

Love, Mama

Mom, get the Cambera

Lately, Calvin will say "Mom, picture of Calvin (insert verb). Get the cambera!" Tonight it was of him playing blocks. I'm glad he does it though. It's not until I look at these random shots that I realize how quickly he is growing. I wish I could document everything he says and does.

She's Sitting!


Late Night Laundry

Tonight I was downstairs working when I heard Calvin choking over the monitor. I ran as fast as I could upstairs and by the time I reached his room his bed was covered in vomit. He was crying and dazed. He had no clue what was going on. I pulled him out of bed so that I could change his sheets and wash the bars of his crib, and within minutes he was running around the house, thrilled to be up and about so late. This picture was taken at midnight as he watched his blankets being washed. Don't even think about trying to make him go back to bed without them.

Then at about 12:30 his daddy came home from a trip and that quadrupled the hyperactivity. For over an hour he was running back and forth to check on his blankets in the laundry room and to watch his bed being stripped and scoured. He never did show any other signs of being sick, and it was a sleepy, content little boy that we finally tucked back into bed at almost 2am. I took pictures of the vomitous mess of his bed as well - it seemed like a good idea at the time - but I'll spare you those.