Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mommy/Daughter Time and Pink-eye

It's not very often that Autumn and I have one-on-one time, but tonight the boys were playing a video game, so we bonded in the nice warm evening air. I also took the chance to play around with Instagram.

We pretended to be movie stars:

Jumped on the trampoline:
 Fed the birds:

 And played Frisbee:

Then the boys joined us so that we could all play what we ALWAYS play. Mario. The boy has a one track mind.

The poor boy has pink-eye. Here is his sad face:

The girl put on a winter hat and brought out a snack. One never understands her train of thought:

This moment was one of those moments that I love being a mom. Calvin was doing this weird little chicken dance, so Autumn copied him. They were both flapping their wings and giggling so hard they could barely breathe. And then just as suddenly they stopped and went back to eating goldfish as if nothing had happened.

Another pink-eye shot: