Sunday, December 2, 2012

Autumn: 3 Years Old Today

School Picture, October 2012

This post is an example of Autumn's life and personality. I started it on her birthday--December 2nd, and I'll post it as if it's still December 2nd--but I'm finishing it up on February 20th. Autumn tends to take a back burner way too often. It's not that we don't absolutely adore her, because we do. It's just that she has such a laid-back, easy going personality that it's easy to overlook her when there are more demanding personalities around. It's something I feel badly about. But she's like a comfort food: low-maintenance, delightful, and something I love and look forward to every single day. She's the sweetest of sweethearts and the past three years with her have been more than I ever could have hoped for.

Here are a few things we love about Autumn right now:

She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. She calls to me to come get her from her crib (yes, she's still in a crib. See above.), and always says something darling like, "the sun is awake!" or "good morning, Mommy!" or "I had such a good dream last night (and then tells us all about it)."

Her favorite thing in the world is to make Calvin laugh. Currently that involves potty humor (I hate that Calvin's boyish obsession with poop has tainted my sweet, innocent little girl) or wiggling her rear and singing, "Na, na, na, na, na."

She loves school and church. Every morning she asks if it's her day to go, and she's sad if it's not.

She changes outfits/costumes dozens of times a day. No matter how many times I clean up her room, it's always a mess of fluffy pink gauzy sparkles.

At bedtime we always tell her stories, but often she'll tell us her own. Or most nights she'll sing songs until we tell her to be quiet and go to sleep.

Almost always, once she's in bed lying down, she'll go straight to sleep without any drama, sleep through the night, and wake up at nine or ten in the morning. She's always been an amazing sleeper.

A few weeks ago I was on a website looking at shoes. She came in and looked at the computer, gasped loudly and yelled, "it's shoes!" Then she climbed on my lap and helped me pick out a pair.

One night as I rocked her to sleep, she stroked my face and said, "Mom, you're my best friend"

She recently saw her reflection in my eyes and said, "look, your eyes are Autumn!"

Autumn loves to help and always asks what she can do. I've been trying to be better at letting her help, even though it takes twice as long, and I've been amazed that she will stick with a job until it's completely done.

She always wants to go with mom or dad or do what we're doing. She always wants to be with us. If Andy is working in his office, she'll sit quietly and draw on his whiteboard while he works. If I'm doing laundry, she's right there adding socks to the washer.

Her favorite color is pink. She adores anything and everything that is pink.

She is obsessed with anything having to do with princesses. Recently I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up. She said all she wants is to "wear a white wedding dress and get married." The feminist in me died a little, but princesses and girly things make her so happy. I would never take that away.

She is the most appreciative child I've ever met. For weeks after getting/experiencing something new, she'll say over and over again, "I love this so much," or "thank you so much for ______," or whatever. She is always grateful for even the small things.

For four months after Halloween, she is still telling us every single night what she wants to be for next Halloween. She loved the holiday and is so fixated on it. (That's my girl!)

Bed time prayers, blessings on the food, whatever. She always wants to say every single prayer. For six months after Seattle, every single prayer she said she was thankful for the ferry boats.

If she gets in trouble, she is immediately so sad. If I am mad, she'll look deep into my eyes and say "are you grumpy?" Tonight I was mad at Calvin and she said, "you're not grumpy at me, right? You're grumpy at Calvin, not me, right?" If Andy and I argue, she'll say "we talk nice to each other. We don't fight." She's a little peace maker. She hates being in trouble or seeing anyone else be sad or angry. 

She loves play-dough. Whenever we get it out, she immediately mashes every color together. If we try to give her one or two colors, she demands to have all of them.

Calvin has a Princess Peach plush with his Mario collection. The two of them fight over it constantly.

She's addicted to soda. She'd rather drink it than anything else. She calls it "hot bubbles."

A few gems from 2012:

Swimming Goggles.

Hiding in the closet.

Valentine's Day Crafts.

A ride from big brother. 

Little sweetheart. 

Practicing for her dream.

Always a fashionista.

Trying to fly away ala-Mary Poppins.

Ravishing in Red.

Autumn is so lovable. She gives the best hugs and kisses. She says the nicest things to everyone around her. She almost always wears a smile. She is our little princess and we adore everything about her. We're so grateful that three years ago today, she came to live in our home. Autumn's a little angel, and we're so grateful to be her family.