Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Andy and I have discussed blogging on numerous occasions, and while we enjoy reading the blogs of others, we feel that it is too time consuming and "exhibitionist" for our tastes. We did however have a blog for Andy while he was in Australia in order to keep his family and friends in the loop ( As I re-read that blog recently, I realized how many things we'd recorded that I had forgotten about. It was very nostalgic and fun to read, so it was then that I decided I liked the idea of being forced in a way to keep up with journaling. I also feel like if I know I'm going to blog, I remember the smaller details or pick out highlights of the day-to-day and mundane to write them down. Since we now have a baby that is of interest where Andy and I are fairly boring, it will also give me a chance to keep up on the details of his life so I'll remember them down the road. Andy has insisted that I turn the comments off. He says I'm only allowed to do this if it's for us, and not to receive validation from everyone else for our pictures and thoughts. While I've always believed him to be a bit cynical, I will comply. So for better or worse, interesting or dull, here we go...

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