Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cupcakes and Irrigation

Today was a fun day.

I volunteered to take treats to some ladies from church, but rather than spending the whole day baking, we went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy. They're a little cupcake shop that has the best treats. I loved how excited Calvin and Autumn were to pick out their own cupcake and eat it outside on the bench. (Yes, Calvin is still in his p.j.s. It's a constant battle.) Autumn chose a strawberry cheesecake flavored concoction. Calvin opted for raspberry cake with lemon frosting --he's all about picking everything by color. Last week at the ice cream shop he had an icky mojito sorbet just because it was green.

After cupcakes, we skipped naps and went to Grandpa's for his watering turn. It's magical for the kids. This time I couldn't help but be hyper aware of all of the cow poo floating beside me and bumping into my legs, the drowning insects scrambling to get on higher ground (I saved about 40 of them. I'm hoping it'll make up for one or two of my black marks in heaven), and the cows that stood there and leered at my tiny daughter.

These cows like to chase the roosters, bucking and kicking at them, so they make me super nervous around Autumn, who adores them, and goes straight up to them any chance she gets, waving at them, saying hi, and mooing. I do not enjoy these interactions between the girl and the cows.

Standing at the gate as the water started to rush in:

Playing in the tree:
(he wanted to climb, but he was scared once he got up)


Grandma delivering fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies after using a wet wipe to scrub off germs (try not to think about where their hands have been):

(is it inappropriate to point out the Hitler-esque mustache?)

Making wishes: (he wished to be able to talk to an animal that lives in the stars)
Whispering secrets, laughing, living in their own little world. Peas and Carrots, these two are:

Trying to save bugs:

Sad, stinky cows with flies all over their faces.

Maria is a PETA princess in the making. She is a feisty defender of all animals and their rights. Someone said something about the cow's nasty rear-end, and Ria jumped in to defend the unsuspecting bovine. I told her if she loved cows so much, she should prove it by allowing him his dignity and cleaning him up so that nobody would make fun of him. This look is her trying to determine if we were serious, and if we were, just how strongly she felt about defending her beliefs.

Misc. play time:
Uncle Jesse and Ayshie

Grandpa lifting the kids up on a stick. They loved this!

Especially Autumn:

Everybody's favorite, Auntie Carrie, showed up just as we were finishing the fun:



MaryRuth said...

sigh. now i'm super homesick. cousins, irrigation water, chocolate chip cookies.... i just need to move home :(

Liberty said...

ewe....that is gross....I don't know why you let your children play in that nasty dirty cow poop water....and that you all like it. I guess I wasn't meant to be a cowgirl like all of you. :)

Emma said...

MR - We missed you! Yes, please move home.
Lib - I agree. Completely disgusting. The kids love it though, and it would be impossible to keep them out of it. Plus, the way I see it, at least you know it's a pasture with dried manure patties knocking at your shins and once you're done, you go in and clean up accordingly. I think house pets are more gross because of the following types of things 1- a friend recently had a sick cat puking in hidden spots all through her house, 2- another had a dog with diarrhea all over the interior of his car, and 3- I was at a friends house watching tv and the dog came up to me, so I pet him and came away with crap all over my hand. I guess he had rolled in it. This kind of stuff is around where people sleep and eat and live their lives. I think that's much more disgusting than playing in a pasture once in a while. Anyway, enough soapboxing. You're right. It's gross. :-)