Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's a Small World After All

Here's a fun story.

About a month ago I submitted a short story for a Writing for Charity Anthology--my first ever creative writing submission. It was accepted. I was thrilled because it also includes famous authors like Shannon Hale, Dan Wells, Rick Walton and others.

But then I noticed that also receiving top billing on the cover of the ebook was none other than my former roommate/24-hour-a-day-companion, Nancy Fulda (look at the picture--you'll see how she's ranked on the cover with the best of the best) from my days in Germany. I have stalked her a bit in the past year because she's been quite successful as a writer. I don't remember us ever talking about both being aspiring writers, but I do remember listening to cassettes that her mother, a professional storyteller, would mail her. Anyway, it was fun to reconnect with her this week and to both be in the same book.

Here's her blog post that mentions me and makes me feel special since she's a REAL writer:

Nancy's Blog

Kind of fun. It's a small world.

On another note, I hope to be back to blogging again soon. My life has been a hellish blend of sickness, thesis revisions, homework, and domesticity. Lots of great things have happened in the last few months too, so I'll catch you up on all of that soon.

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Lisa Carlson said...

I had no idea Nancy was a successful writer. It's fun to see her. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on being published in the book. It looks really fun.