Friday, June 29, 2012

From Rain to Fire

Today was a lovely 75 degrees in Seattle, but it rained most other days this week. The entire month we've been in jackets because it's chilly or inside because it's rainy. We have enjoyed it, but I was looking forward to going home to some warmth. I guess I got my wish:

Utah has been on fire for weeks, but as of this afternoon's fire map, it has only gotten worse. We live just south of Springville, so this picture makes it look like we're surrounded. To put it in perspective, we are 12.3 miles away from Elk Ridge, the nearest evacuated town and 2.6 miles away from the hwy 89/route 6 intersection where they have closed down the canyon. We're still far away--except when you consider that most of the fires are less than 50% contained because of the driest winter in years, the 90+ degree heat, and the winds that have been fanning the flames.

Countless homes have already been destroyed--and we don't even have it as bad as Colorado does (yet). My heart aches for those who have lost their homes, and though the casualties are still relatively low, people are suffering over those losses. I'm praying for the fire fighters who are in a hellish battle. Natural disasters suck.

From talking to neighbors, it sounds like everything is covered in ash and the place smells like one big bonfire, but if those are our only problems, I consider us extremely lucky. Here's to hoping things are still standing when we return home.

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