Monday, August 25, 2014

Climbing, climbing, always climbing.

Now that Nicky can walk, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep him in one place. He is into everything, everywhere, always. The worst part is the climbing because I worry about him being safe. But even though he sometimes falls, most of the time he does it like a champ.

Just for kicks, I documented one day of his movements.

In the morning at the desk:

In the afternoon at the desk:

On the toy garage:

On the storage containers:

On the guest bed:

On the ottoman:

On the kitchen table:

On the kitchen table with a hat:

On the kitchen table taking a rest:

And, this is my favorite. He climbed onto the couch and cuddled up to watch Calvin play a video game. A rare moment of stillness:

Just one day of his movements. Can you see why it's completely exhausting trying to keep up with him?

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