Friday, January 16, 2015

A Little Away Time

Andy's been wanting to get away for a while. I always fight it because it's hard to get the kids out of school, it's a pain to pack and wash everything when we get back, there's so much that needs to be done here... But, finally, he talked us into it. We packed up the car and got ready to spend a week in one of our favorite places--San Diego.

We got a really late start.

Andy was out of town for the week and didn't get home until 9pm Thursday. I had almost everything loaded and was trying to get laundry finished so I could pack clean clothes. When Andy got home, he was mad that I wasn't ready to go. I was mad that he was mad.

By the time we were set, it was 10:30pm. Andy wanted to cancel and leave the next day. I'd been working all day to get us ready, so I was sad. The kids were sad. So, we compromised and drove the 3.5 hours to St. George, instead of the 5 hours to Vegas like we'd planned. We grabbed a hotel, stayed the night, and left first thing the next morning.

We stopped in Barstow, CA for lunch, which got us into southern California right in time for Friday, rush hour traffic. After a bathroom emergency that almost caused a car accident, and too many hours in the car, we made it to our hotel.

We took a quick bath, got into PJs, and enjoyed the amazing view:

Watched some Pee-wee's Playhouse:

Got the kids' beds ready:

 Ordered Oggi's cheese pizza--our favorite!

Then we settled in for the night. It was a long drive, but we're so glad to be here!

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