Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Today was a day full of Home Alone, games, and eager anticipation.

Working on Christmas puzzles while waiting for dinner:

The traditional Christmas Eve nachos:

This guy enjoying his guacamole:

Calvin wanted to play the candy bar game--where you have to roll doubles, pull on the socks, scarf, and hat before trying to unwrap the chocolate with knives--so we did it Christmas Eve style:

The game didn't go very well. The kids were fighting and sad that it was taking so long, so we just threw in the towel and let them rip the thing open:

After a bath, they were excited to open their new Christmas books and p.j.s.

Awaiting the big reveal:

Opening the presents:

And ta-da! New pajamas:
 (I love these pjs so much. They say "Bedtime Bandit: Sneaky cute." Somehow appropriate for this mischievous little munchkin.)

Fresh family fuzziness:

Our friends gave us magic reindeer food, so right before bed, we all went onto the grass and sprinkled the food all over the front lawn to attract Santa's reindeer:

Autumn helped me put clean sheets on all of the beds, so that we could have fresh beds with our fresh pajamas:

 The kids laid out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer:

Then they went to bed surprisingly well. Right before Andy and I went to sleep, we noticed that Santa had made an appearance:

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MaryRuth said...

Looks magical! I love the idea of playing the candy bar game...maybe I'll adopt that for next year. Will you remind me I want to do it?? :)

Glad you had fun! Miss you!!