Saturday, April 17, 2010


Easter morning dawned bright and springy. Oh wait...

Calvin helped me make muffins

Then as he was carrying them to the table, for some unknown reason he just stopped and unloaded them onto the floor.

Then he fed his to his rabbit

The basket of goods (honestly I totally FORGOT about Easter. How could that be? All growing up I would help my mom get things ready. I was the one who did the bunny poop trail (chocolate or black jelly beans) from the door to the Easter basket. I was the one that put out half eaten carrots and then left sassy notes to the kids from the Easter bunny. I'm all about it and I totally forgot. Luckily the boy is still young enough that we can wing it. After breakfast I had Andy distract him while I set everything out. He didn't know the difference.)
The biggest hit: Easter Veggie Tales. I do not understand what kids see in Veggie Tales. They all drive me crazy. This one was semi cute though and he watched it no less than 8 times today, all the way through.

My favorite thing was this memory game. I bought it online and didn't pull it out of the box until this morning when the Easter Bunny came, but I couldn't believe how big and adorable it was. He loved it - not as much as Veggie Tales, but it still got plenty of attention today. He was very sad not to be able to use the sidewalk chalk outside.

Autumn wasn't the least bit interested in any of it.

I love Easter. I always feel very grateful on Easter for my knowledge of a Savior who lives. I always feel grateful for the coming spring (despite the snow). And today I feel particularly grateful for all of the good things in my life. I have a husband and two kids who I adore, and I feel adored in return. I couldn't ask for anything more than what I have in this life. I am happy.

Happy Easter!

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