Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sibling Shots Part 3

With no luck here or here, I had hoped to get an Easter picture of the two kids together. I am giving up on ever having them together and happy in a picture.

I love that she's clinging to him, begging him to stay.

Sad to be all alone.


Smith Clan said...

She's too cute to look too sad. I love her tights.
Um, these pictures are hysterical.

Margaret said...

Wow, he REALLY didn't want to be in those pictures. And yes, she's super cute. :)

Emma said...

HS - The tights reminded me of the socks you gave A. I will someday get around to posting about how much I love those.

MM - I heard you met my girl Kristen in Wisconsin. Someday I want all of the details. She got all shifty eyed and said she couldn't remember how I came up in the conversation - that's never a good sign.