Saturday, May 8, 2010

4 months Old

Dear Autumn,

At four months old you are still sweet and happy and growing bigger every day.

At your 4 month check up, the doctor was thrilled with your progress. She sat down and talked with you, said you have a million hair follicles and would have tons of thick hair, and said that besides sitting up on your own, you pass every milestone on the six month checklist. Then she tried you sitting up and when you leaned on your knees but didn't fall over, she actually clapped and squealed, saying excitedly "oh my gosh she can already tripod!" A new term in my mom dictionary.

Also I asked her about the line down your bottom lip. At first she thought it was a scar, but then when I told her you'd never had a split lip, she said it was kind of like a cleft lip - that your face develops in a seam and for some babies it just doesn't close over all the way. On you I think it's adorable.. You have big pouty lips and the line down the middle gives them character. You'll be a heart breaker. Here are your four month stats:

Weight: 14.09 lbs (56th percentile)
Height: 24.2 in (65th percentile)
Head: 15.75 in (20th percentile)

A few other things about you right now:

You can officially roll over both ways. You love to lay on the floor and move yourself all over the place.
You are so affectionate. You put your hands on our faces and pull us in for big slobbery kisses or just to hold us while you talk and stare at our face. You also nuzzle down into my neck and rest your head or wrap your arms around me. I love that you love to be close to me. Except at nights when you can't sleep without pushing your body into mine. That drives me crazy.

Your laugh is funny. Once in a while something will hit your funny bone and you'll randomly giggle. But when I try to make you laugh, it's like it's very uncomfortable and you're not sure exactly what the sound is being forced out of your chest. Your ribs and thighs are very ticklish.

You are great at playing quietly by yourself for long periods of time. You enjoy spastically shaking anything that makes noises or fits in your mouth.

You're already a t.v. junkie. If it's on, you're watching it. You react to most things you see, but you really seem to enjoy songs and big bright colorful things (like Yo Gabba Gabba). I am a terrible mother for even knowing this about you at four months old.

Autumn, you are a doll. You wake up smiling and have such a genuinely happy little personality. We all adore you.

Love, Mom


Renee' said...

In that first picture, she's all legs. What a beautiful girl you two. You guys make the most stunning babies. Happy Mother's Day Emma.

The Boone Family said...

I love these posts. They make me happy. Autumn is growing! Holy smokes. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

Smith Clan said...

Adorable! Are all your kids going to be geniuses & accomplishing milestones early....YES! She is a keeper.

MaryRuth said...

sooo cute! Can't believe she's four months!!!