Wednesday, May 5, 2010

These Days...

As Calvin is a complex and ever changing character who is both bratty, stubborn two year old and brilliant, hilarious little boy, I thought I'd highlight a few things about him these days.

Favorite bedtime book-

Calvin usually takes a book to bed with him. Lately he's really into Der Struwwelpeter, a book I brought home from Germany. In true German fashion these children's stories include stories about kids who won't eat so they starve to death, a boy who sucks his thumbs so the scary tailor comes and cuts them off, and a little girl who plays with matches and burns herself to ashes. This is complete with illustrations (like cats crying over the girl's ashes and bloody hands with missing thumbs). It disturbs me that Calvin likes it so much, but then I think hey, German kids always turn out okay, right?

Favorite Story -
I love this book. It has fantastic illustrations and a fun picture story. I think the boy likes it so much because it doesn't have many words and the story changes every time we read it. I've been trying to be a better mother by reading him a story before bed every night. We go in spurts.

Favorite shows -
Team UmiZoomi. They're all about counting and patterns and shapes - all of which he loves and is good at. It's also good for me because I generally get a 20 minute work out every day because he insists on me dancing to the shows upbeat songs. We do some serious bonding.

Max and Ruby. Two bunnies whose parents always seem to be missing. Max is curious and naughty. Ruby is a bit patronizing but always very patient. Of all the kids shows, I like this one best. Perhaps it's that my mental capacity is diminishing in my old age, but I love the little stories and can't wait to see how the episodes turn out.

Things he says:

Some of the ladies at church told me they get a kick out of Calvin in nursery. His teacher insists on the kids calling her Sister Groberg. Calvin calls her his closest interpretation, Mister Yogurt.

He's such a context kid. I've mentioned that he calls carpet grass, hallways are tunnels, sand is beach, etc. He never calls cheese just cheese. He always calls it "cheese stands alone" from farmer in the dell. A couple of weeks ago Andy and I were eating turkey sandwiches. I offered Calvin some turkey and he said "no, thank you." I ripped some off, put it on his plate, and said "here's some, just in case." He immediately picked it up and ate it and said, "ummm, yummy just in case!" I also rolled up some tortillas with melted cheese once and now he always wants me to do it. He says "Mommy rock and roll my cheese stands alone." Don't know where he heard rock and roll, but it's never just roll.

When he does something I've told him not to do he says, "Mom, no problem!"

The other day Andy and I were walking around the yard pointing out projects we wanted to get started on. Calvin ran up behind us and grabbed my hand and Andy's hand and put them in each other. He sweetly said "together!"and then ran off.

Every time we put him in bed he says "be a ghost!" meaning he wants us to cover him from head to toe with his blankets.

He calls eyebrows hair wings.

The other day he passed gas and said "Uh oh Mom, I burped in my diaper."

On top of play ground equipment he'll throw up his arms and yell "I the king!"

He's a handful. But lots of fun.

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Smith Clan said...

I love Calvin. I think Caleb and him would have been best friends if they were closer in age. Caleb loved The Tuesday morning book. We read it every day at that age. For months. That was his first story that he would tell back to us (just like we told him). It literally fell apart from too much love. Audrey never even cared for it. Our favorite part was when the frog flies through the long underwear.
And I love the "Mister Yogurt". I laughed for 5 minutes straight. I'm so glad you are keeping a record of his creative ways of talking and acting. Give him a squeeze from me.
PS Caleb's other favorite book last year was called "The Hobyahs" about a pack of feral cat gremlins that try to eat a family until they succeed. We would act it out & he would laugh hysterically about the bad characters grim demise. Must be a boy thing. Boys that like to read anyway.