Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visiting Teaching

In Mormon land we have a thing called Visiting Teaching. It's where you are assigned a few women to visit every month. The purpose is to make friends and meet each other's needs. I think it's a great program in theory, but as I tend to be anti-social it's not really my thing. I visit my ladies, and mine visit me. I keep it short and sweet. But this week when my gals came (I really do like all of the ones I visit and get visited by. I'm lucky.) we had the usual chit chat, and then one girl changed my opinion of her forever.

She's this gorgeous, size 0, peppy cheerleader type blond who wears 3 inch heels to church and always looks perfect. Today when Calvin walked in the room she perked right up and told him she had something for him. She pulled out her huge designer purse and it was like Mary Poppins' bag as she started pulling out a big bag of balloons and a pump. She then proceeded to blow up and twist balloons into every imaginable concoction. Calvin was in heaven, and I will always love her for being the one to make Visiting Teaching super exciting for a day.



Smith Clan said...

I just learned how to do the basics of balloon art today. Oh, I will do practically anything when I am bored enough. I can make swords, dogs, and kind of, maybe, sorta, a flower. Maybe I'll start taking a stash VT with me.
What a nice surprise!

MaryRuth said...

what a nice VT! And what a fun idea... how do people think of these things??