Friday, January 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Mercersburg

We spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with Andy's parents. The trip was long, but the kids did great. Autumn slept for about half of the flight, and Calvin watched movies on the laptop with intermittent trips down the aisle to flirt with the stewardesses. After picking up the rental and driving from Baltimore, we met them at Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and then arrived at their house around 9pm. The kids were tired and grumpy, but of course their grandparents had all kinds of surprises there waiting for them, and they got a second wind.

For Autumn's birthday they bought her a little kitchenette, just her size. Her reaction is clear:

She loved it. Along with the kitchen came a shopping cart, which she was thrilled to push around and around the house...
...until she realized that she could trick Grandma into pushing HER instead. Then she turned into a free-loader, and continued to insist that everyone tote her around like a princess.

Calvin was thrilled to see his train set again. It was nearly impossible to get him away from it.

Autumn played some bedtime music with Grandpa.

And then we all went to bed, happy to be there.

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