Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joys of Motherhood

Autumn has turned from the sweetest, most mild-mannered child I've ever seen to a feisty independent little spitfire who climbs, spills, and throws anything she can get her hands on. She climbs on the table scavenging food, but refuses to eat her meals. She screeches loudly if she doesn't get everything she wants. She drives me batty in ways that only a toddler can.

But today was by far the most I have ever wanted to beat her.

I put her down for naps, she laid down, and I thought she was asleep so I went to work on the boy. As I laid down with him, I could hear her talking to herself, but I had to finish getting Calvin to sleep before I went in and checked on her or he would be up again. Finally when the boy was asleep, I went into the nursery.

The smell hit me first. And then the pleased grin of the little girl who was wide awake. And then the fact that she had no pants on. And then it all came in a rush. She had pooped her diaper, and then taken off her diaper, and then she smeared the mushy brown paste all over herself, her crib, and her blankets. I can't be sure, but it seems that there may have even been some rolling around in the stuff involved as well.

It's days like this that I want my career back.


Lisa Carlson said...

Ooh. I'm so sorry. That sounds really, really awful.

Smith Clan said...

She likes to play in the potty, too! Can she just keep "that" stuff in the bathroom as well. I'm sorry. Your kids are so funny. All I do is laugh when I read your posts. Thanks for the silly guffaws this morning.