Thursday, July 28, 2011

And we're back...

It's not hard to tell that I'm having a hard time blogging these days. I have so many posts to catch up on, but I feel summer slipping away so quickly that I have a hard time sitting down to journal what's been going on.

This summer I've been finishing up projects I've had half-finished for ages, doing yard work like it's a full time job, playing with my kids full of guilt that in a few weeks they're going to be neglected babies once again, trying to work out and lose a few pounds, keeping the house mostly clean, attempting to find recipes that have some actual nutritional value rather than the mini-corndogs and tatertots that the kiddos prefer, working on the alumni collection project for which I'm a research assistant spring/summer term, working with my thesis director and writing a prospectus that's due soon after school starts, and creating lesson plans for the two different subjects I'll be teaching in the fall. Who said summer was supposed to be relaxing?

Yet, it has been.

I'm not a summer fan. I love fall and I love spring. The time in between is usually just a nuisance to me. But not this summer. I've loved spending time at home and getting things done. I've loved shaving my legs on a regular basis and painting my toe nails pretty colors. I've loved having visitors. I've loved going to the pool and eating ice cream sandwiches on the back porch. I've loved scrubbing toilets and dusting surfaces that haven't been touched for longer than I care to admit. I'm sad it's going ever so quickly.

But alas, I also promised myself that I would catch up on this blog before another hellish semester starts, so I'm committing today to dust off my laptop. To take my camera to the shop after months of having a broken lens. To try and document the pieces of our lives that are long past. Someday my kids will thank me, I'm sure.

Testing... Testing... Is anyone still out there? If you are, be prepared for an onslaught of totally random, outdated posts. I hope you're all having a fantastic summer as well.


MaryRuth said...

yay! I'm so happy! Now you might inspire me to blog!

StitchinManiac said...

Emma, you are one of my heros. I LOVE your totally random, outdated posts. :)


Emma said...

MR - It's your fault that both of us don't get more blogging done. You introduced pinterest into our lives and it wastes precious time we should be blogging. :-)
LB - If you are MY hero too, do we just cancel each other out? Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you know me well enough not to mind my randomness, and I'm glad you still care enough to read it!

Smith Clan said...

I'm still here. I've always been here. You are SUPERWOMAN! You need a t-shirt to wear under your teaching attire. Seriously! I hear ya about Pinterest. I think I'll head over there right now.