Saturday, July 30, 2011

Teacher Gifts

Since I'm new to this kid in school thing, I asked my BFF Robyn who teaches 2nd grade what her favorite teacher gift is to get. She said gift cards, bath soaps/lotions, and lemonade for sipping during the summer. So we got all of those. I tried to put together an "all of the good things in summer" type theme, and here's how it turned out:

Inside each is a:
B&N gift card for a good summer book
Individual lemonade mixes
Bubble bath
Pier 1's yummy scented diffusers
Pencils, and some other random things I don't remember.

I think they liked it, but who knows, they are like moms: they always act like they like everything you get them.

And the whole time I was putting it together, Autumn was chasing me around the house with a big grin.

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MaryRuth said...

I love the buckets! I'm totally going to pin it!