Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween Carnival

We had a church Halloween carnival the Saturday before Halloween. I wish I had taken pictures because it was really well done and a lot of fun for the kids. Each classroom in the church had a different carnival game--a cake walk, Halloween bowling, a haunted house, ball toss, etc--and then in the big room in the center of the church was chili, donuts, homemade pies, hot chocolate and a place for people to gather and chit chat. After the games and dinner we all went outside to a live band and hot kettle corn. The kids did a costume parade (which Calvin insisted I walk with him in, even though he had refused to dress up), and the adults talked while the kids ran around. We stayed for about ten minutes outside because it was freezing.

(notice Calvin crying and not in a costume)
I had great plans for Autumn to be Little Red Riding Hood, Calvin the wolf, me the granny, and Andy the wood cuter. Calvin refused to dress up, so we were just a hodge-podge of stuff. I was a little sad, but everyone liked the big bad wolf carrying around the little red riding hood all night.

Since my sister is in town, she asked if she could come to our party so her little boy would have something fun and festive to do. She met us at the church and we didn't even talk about costumes before hand, but we ended up looking like sisters. Which we are.

I have quite possibly the only kids in the world who cry at Halloween. (And Christmas. And everything else.) 10/29

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