Friday, November 11, 2011


I think Calvin is so NOT into Halloween this year because he's started to recognize what scary things really represent, and he insists that he doesn't want anything to do with the freaky holiday. We have spent weeks trying to talk him into a costume and convince him that trick-or-treating will be fun. He has flat-out refused any involvement.

We all know, however, that he loves his pajamas more than anything else in life. As we were about to go out the door to my mom's house, I tried one more ploy. I told him that if he would go trick-or-treating, he could wear his pajamas under any costume he wanted. He agreed and decided to wear the fireman costume we bought him a while ago at Costco. We even added a dalmatian to make it more fun, and by the time we went out the door he was really excited.

We grabbed dinner at my mom's house, took pictures with all of the cousins, and then went up and down her street together before we all went separate ways to trick-or-treat in our own neighborhoods. Picture highlights:

Playing at Brown Grandma's house while we wait for everyone:

White Grandma as Minnie

The group:

The fireman and the sassy fairy:

(I love this one of Carrie!)

Trick-or-Treating en masse:

This was our first house and it was hilarious because as soon as the little old lady opened the door, the kids all pushed their way into her house. She wasn't sure what to do.

That wolf is hot! I totally want him to bite me.
(I've been doing a research paper on Twilight. I'm into objectifying men right now.)

We tried to have a Little Red Riding Hood/Grandma in the cottage moment:

She looks like a party girl who had too much to drink and then lost it all down the front of her shirt. Even her eyes, hair, and red nose look like she's a bit soused (someone gave her black cherry soda in her bag).

My favorite picture of the night:
When we got back from the 3 houses we went to in our neighborhood, and hung out with our friends the Hills for a while, we came home and dragged a tv into the kitchen where we ate candy and watched Halloween cartoons. It was a very good day. 10/31


Smith Clan said...

I love your little drunk and your little imp. (Calvin has the best and most sweetest smile.) I'm impressed that you tricked him into his Halloween costume. That's a parenting success story if I've ever heard one.

MaryRuth said...

great post! so glad I got to be part of the festivities!!

Margaret said...

Hey I'm totally interested in your paper on Twilight. ANy chance you'd send me a copy? (I have strong opinions about it without having read it :) and I'm wondering what your research dug up and if it agreed with my non-research. :) )

Emma said...

MM - I will totally send you a copy. And knowing you, I'm pretty sure we will have very similar strong opinions about the series. :-)