Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When Grandma Came to Play

This time we had Grandma for two full weeks. It was wonderful for me--she played with the kids full time and picked up all of the toys 200 times a day so that I didn't have to--it was wonderful for the kids--they adore her and she indulges their every whim--and hopefully it was fun for her too. Here are some of the highlights of her trip:

The kids were thrilled to pick her up at the airport. Andy was out of town, and Calvin was asking every 2 seconds when we would leave, so we left pretty early. We're lucky we did, because Grandma's flight landed almost 30 minutes before it was scheduled. We played on the escalators, cheered when she came through the exit, and then ate at In-n-Out on the way home. All in all, a successful pickup.

They spent countless hours each day playing "Mario Softies," Candy Land, Hungry Hippos, and running around outside. Grandma even came up with an ingenious way to ferry them around: 

She weeded my gardens, planted some flowers, and made my yard look beautiful:

She was able to go with us to Calvin's end of year preschool zoo program:

Last year during the program he screamed and shouted and left the building alone, so this year when he stood there covering his ears, we considered it an improvement. At least he left his animal hat on this time:

He has THE BEST teachers ever. Except that I hate that they're always so adorable:
Miss Nicole, Calvin, Miss Meghan. He adores them.

One day we decided to get out of the house, so Hazel and I took the kids to the Provo Beach Resort where we had a lot of fun.

We rode the carousel:

Autumn did some type of dance game where she didn't follow the beat, but she moved so fast that I couldn't get a decent picture:

Calvin won purple vampire fangs in a claw prize game:
Grandma and I shot basketballs, we all ate ice cream, we played on the indoor playground, and tried all kinds of arcade games.  We were happy and tired when we left. Calvin kept wanting to play the claw games to win a stuffed animal, but I wouldn't let them because they're a waste of time and money (Ack. I'm turning into my parents). So instead we went to Blickenstaff's so that they could pick a small toy. They both ended up with a set of critters. Calvin got mice, and Autumn got elephants. I tell this because I thought Calvin was asleep in his room for hours that night before I went to bed at 1am and found him in MY bed with his mice lined up behind his head. I thought it was the cutest thing ever that he just sneaked into my room, arranged his pets, and went to sleep without anyone in there.
We played at lots of different parks:

My mom and Andy's mom hung out a couple of times. They went to lunch and a movie by themselves, and then later in the week they took Calvin and Autumn to see the Lorax. It always makes me nervous when the two of them hang out. You never know what secrets they're sharing. But I'm also glad they like each other so much. On Grandma's last Sunday in town, we went to my parents' house for dinner with the entire family. Grandpa showed us his new pets:
 Calvin and Autumn were in love. There are 20 of them, and they're seriously some of the cutest chicks ever. (5/27)

On Memorial Day our good friends invited us over for a french toast breakfast (suddenly french toast doesn't seem entirely appropriate for a holiday memorializing American veterans) that was delicious. They had homemade buttermilk syrup and it was all I could do to maintain some decorum and not lick my plate. The kids didn't eat at all--they were too excited about the 5 kids and 1 adorable kitten vying for their attention. 

After breakfast we all went together to the city park for a memorial service that the town puts together. It was actually really neat, and we were glad we went:

Our friends, Derrin and Nicole Hill and clan.

Andy's shadow looming over me and Autumn.

Grandma Hazel played so much that by the time she left, she had done what I didn't think was possible: She exhausted the kids.

We're so glad she came to visit and we're so glad that she's always a good sport. She babysat for me to go to lots of doctor's appointments and to have a cavity filled, she babysat while I took half a dozen trips to campus to finalize my thesis submission, she played Mario and hide-and-seek more than any person should ever have to, she played princesses and changed Autumn's dresses dozens of times each day, jumped on trampolines, pushed swings, and I can't think of everything else. We love that she's easy-going and fun to have around.

Thanks for coming to stay, Grandma, and thanks for staying so long! We love you and hope to see you again soon!

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