Sunday, January 6, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Today as we were leaving for Church, I realized what handsome boys I have and had to take some pictures. I think Andy is starting to regret the new camera. As most of you know, today was testimony meeting at church where anyone and everyone is able to stand up and share whatever they choose from the pulpit. Our Home Teacher calls it "Open Mic" which seems appropriate and has stuck with us. As we sat down today in the chapel, Calvin was happy and smiley right until church started at which point he started to scream. We tried a bottle and tried bouncing him, but nothing worked so Andy took him out in the hall. He was gone for about five minutes and then returned with a happy baby. As soon as he sat down however, Calvin started to scream inconsolably again. I took him out this time. I played with him and calmed him down until he was happy and cooing and then went to sit down. As soon as I sat down he started to scream again. We played the same game for an hour. As we were leaving the chapel, I looked over to see Andy laughing. I asked what was so funny and he said, "Looks like my son likes church about as much as I do." Sigh.