Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Birthday Party

We decided to celebrate Calvin's first birthday while his grandparents were down visiting for Halloween, and since Calvin loves rubber ducks so much, we let them celebrate along with us. We ate french dip sandwiches, and then had a break for trick-or-treating before going back for the cake and presents. Here's how everything went down:
Andy took offense that I wouldn't let the "colored ducks" in the pond with the others. It made me laugh.

Calvin loved the cake. Most of it ended up on the floor, but he loved the flavor, loved that we let him dig into it on his own, loved playing with the ducks on top. The ice cream? Not so much.

He was pretty bored with unwrapping presents, so he only got through two. He opened a book that makes animal noises, and the little people Mayflower that I'm more excited about than he is. He loved those two though, and that's what mattered, so we'll just open the rest next week on his real birthday.

It was a very good day.