Thursday, November 6, 2008

Twelve Months Old Today (a day late)

Dear Calvin,

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since the anticipation and anxiety of last fall. Twelve months ago, your grandma Boone had flown in from Utah to be here for your birth. We had a couple of false alarms, but the day things really happened was a beautiful Sunday in the fall, and I was feeling so heavy and restless. We decided to drive to Pennsylvania to show grandma Boone the countryside and visit grandma and grandpa Nelson. We ate delicious homemade soup (that your grandpa is still convinced was magic), and that night we went to bed as normal. Your dad had just drifted off to sleep, when I heard a tiny click and felt a tap tap on the inside of my abdomen before water gushed everywhere.

I woke your dad up and told him it was time. He woke up your grandma Boone as I showered and prepared to go to the hospital. That night we all slept in the hospital, and at 7am the next morning I knew it was time to push. At 8:15 the doctor ran into the room, and five minutes later you came into the world. Your dad cheered me on the entire time, and he was the first one to hold you and watch as they washed, measured, tested, and dressed you. I watched from across the room. I couldn't see you, but I remember how happy your daddy looked. It has been an exciting year of growth for you, and so many changes have taken place even in the last month. Here are the highlights:
  • First things first... Today - this very day - you said your first word! (I don't count Mama and Daddy because the line between when you just jabbered and when you actually understood it is just too fuzzy.) Tonight as your daddy was reading you a book, he pointed to a picture and said "apple". You immediately repeated the word apple. We clapped as you said it over and over, and you were very pleased with yourself. You then went away from the book to play with something else. About 20 minutes later, you brought the book back to me and pointed to the fruit saying "apple." We turned the other pages, just to make sure, but you definitely knew which page was the apple. Tomorrow we're going to take you to the grocery store to see a real one so you understand it in a different context. We are so proud of you!
  • The day that we went on the train ride with grandma and grandpa, we discovered that you had a tooth to the left of your front two teeth. You now have 5 perfect teeth!
  • You LOVE playing with brooms and rakes, to the point that you'll scream if we take them away. We hope you're an aspiring janitor so you can take good care of your mom and dad in our old age.
  • For several weeks now you have been standing on your own and taking small steps here and there. Two days ago you walked your longest stretch - about 15 steps. You get better every day.
  • You are extremely ticklish, especially on your thighs, neck, and under your arms.
  • Your current favorite foods are cinnamon roll oatmeal, Gerber's version of spaghetti-o's, bananas, macaroni and cheese, and Gerber's version of cheese puffs.
  • You still carry around the blanky you've loved for months, but now you carry around a fuzzy blue one as well. You sleep with BOTH of them always. One hugged to your body, the other one covering you.
  • You are already a bookworm. You can sit and flip the pages, talking to yourself for long amounts of time. If given a choice between a toy and a book, 9 out of 10 times you want the book.
  • You are always into everything. Especially the worst places like the toilets and cabinet full of cleaners.
  • You adore horses and dogs. Last weekend we went to the ranch of one of your dad's coworkers, and you were in heaven. You chased the dogs and rode the horses with one of the cowboys. We couldn't keep you still.
  • You love airplanes. Every time one goes overhead (which is A LOT since we live 10 minutes from an airport), you point and watch with your mouth open until they are no longer in sight.
  • For weeks you've been sticking your fingers down your throat until you gag. You do it repeatedly. We are thrilled to have a future bulimic on our hands.
  • You would still rather be outside than anywhere else. It is the place that you are the most content.

Calvin, our whole world has changed because of you - amazing changes full of wonder and excitement. Each day you surprise and delight us. It is most definitely a better world because you are here. We are overwhelmed with gratitude that one year ago today, you came to live in our home.


Mama and Daddy