Monday, August 24, 2009

Rashes and Dogs

Last week Calvin had a temperature of 101-102 for a couple of days, but then it went away so I assumed it was part of his teething issues. On Friday I noticed a dozen little white canker sores all over his tongue. On Sunday we noticed a rash on his back and chest. By Monday, the rash was all over his face, arms, legs, and everywhere in between. I called first thing in the morning and got him into the doctor. While checking him out, he noticed that Calvin's tonsils were horribly swollen. He said that rashes often accompany strep throat, but his test came back negative. After going to the oh-so-professional source of Google, the doctor diagnosed him with Roseola, a virus that he probably picked up at church or from one of the kids at my party last week. Apparently young babies don't get it because they still have some immunities from their mother, so the most common ages are 9 months to 2 years old, and after that kids usually have the antibodies to fight it off. The biggest issues come from high fevers and sore throats, but it's supposed to just work its way out of his system in a few days. The poor kid seems miserable.

I couldn't get a very good picture because of the lighting and how much the subject matter moved around, but this gives you a general idea of what it looks like.

A few days ago the boy discovered the Fox and the Hound DVD. I think it's partly because he hasn't felt well, but he hasn't wanted to do anything but watch it over and over, all day long. At 5:00am he runs in and turns it on himself. He's obsessed. His favorite part, of course, is when Copper does his adorable, weak little howl. He loves watching Todd and Copper wrestle. He thinks the birds are hilarious. Watching his face while he watches the movie is much better than almost anything I can think of.
We found this little chair at Costco and Calvin was so delighted that it was just his size. We put it in our cart, and he rode it around the store like it was a little throne. For the last few days, it has been nearly impossible to get him out of that chair, and away from his friends Copper and Todd. He's oblivious to everything else. I hope he gets feeling better soon.


Smith Clan said...

Caleb went through a Fox and the Hound phase too. Must be a boy thing. Caleb didn't have a throne to sit on while watching. Hope Calvin feels better soon.

Lisa said...

Daniel had the roseola virus a few weeks ago, so it must be going around. It was awful. He was so irritable and grumpy. I hope Calvin feels better soon.

Renee' said...

I was so glad that it wasn't Fifth's Disease. It's pretty much uncomfortable for the child and a little scary for mommy if she's pregnant. My cousin had the roseola, and DVD's are some of the best medicine for getting over it. Cuddles and snuggle time. Good luck.

Jenny said...

i've never heard of it but now i will know what it is if we see it rear its ugly head at our house. wasp sting really? i hate 'em his little finger seemed so sad thanks for your cute sister social post and if calvin is like bjorn he'll still streak at age 3 but in public he'll say don't see my wiener and not let strangers see it...i guess that's comforting,..
love you thank you again for hosting!