Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twenty-one Months Old Today

Dear Calvin,

You amaze me every day as you continue to learn and grow. It has been a busy month for you. You get smarter, more precocious, and more independent minded every day. Here are some of my favorite things about your past month:

New words: purple, bug, bzz (you do this thing where you put your tongue between your lips, and just kind of spit to make the bug sound. You do it when you see bees, spiders, grasshoppers, or anything else that you think is a bug) , banana (nana), choo choo (reserved for your favorite train - the orange one named Billy), boat, cow, moo, car, back pack (for some reason your dad knows Dora the Explorer songs, sings them to you, and you love the back pack song.)

You are moving full-fledged into your imaginary play stage. You drive cars and trucks around the floor making vrooming noises, you fly planes through the air making motor noises, and you pretend to eat play food like bananas, cookies, and carrots complete with chewing motions and swallowing, followed by a "Yum Yum!"

You love my big Buddha belly. You're always pulling up my shirt so you can slap it and laugh, or else lay your cheek against it in a quiet moment.

You have the funniest sense of humor and love to tease your parents. We'll say, "where's daddy?" "Where's Calvin?" "Where's mommy?" And of course you'll point to the right person (when we say where's Calvin? you always grab your belly. It's the cutest thing ever). But sometimes, you'll do a cheeky little grin and point to the wrong person, and then laugh at your little joke.

Also funny, you are always asking us what things are. Sometimes you'll have one toy in each hand, and ask what one is, then the other. Then you'll hold up one and then the other as fast as you can, so that we're saying it really really fast. For example, you'll hold up a car and a train. We'll say "car. train. car. train. car/train/car/train/car/train..." until you're moving your hands so fast we can't say the words correctly. You think it's hilarious.

I have always been so grateful for your sleep habits. When you're tired, you've always grabbed your blankets, stood by your bed, and then gone straight to sleep every time we laid you down. Since you were nine months old or so, we've never had any problems with you and sleep. Well about 2 weeks ago you started to freak out every time I put you in bed. You would scream for hours. Finally I started rocking you to sleep, but often you would wake up again when I went to lay you down and the crying would start all over again. I finally made a bed on the floor where I fall asleep next to you, and then sneak out once you are asleep. You like the floor situation, but in the middle of the night you'll wander into our bedroom and get in bed with us. Nap time and bedtime has become a nightmare with you. I hope this is just a phase that doesn't last very much longer. You're tired and cranky, I'm tired and cranky. So now we're trying the tough love approach, and the first night you screamed for an hour and fifty minutes. Kid, just go to sleep!

You love bubbles. You demand them about 5 times a day.

You currently have four teeth coming in. 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom. They look sharp and painful, but unless there's more molar space in the back that I'm not aware of, these should be your last ones.

The other day while I was doing dishes I was looking out the window over the sink and saw the funniest thing. You and your dad were jumping on the trampoline together, and every few jumps, you'd both fall simultaneously on your bums. You would lay there and laugh, and then get up and do it all over again. You two were right on sync the entire time. I asked your dad if he had been counting so you'd know when to bounce and fall, and he said no, that you would just watch him jump and when his legs would bend, you would go down as well. You are such a smart little cookie.

Lately you feel the need to be naked all the time. You'll take all of your clothes off, and then your diaper. One time I asked you where your diaper was and you led me into your play room, where you had strategically left 6 or 7 little piles of poop all over the floor. You pointed to the piles and then ran off. Those weren't bad to clean up because they were like little deer droppings, but a few days later, when I asked where your diaper was and you ran to show me, this time you pointed to some not so nice and orderly little piles. These were runny and gross and made me want to cry. As I was scrubbing your floor, the doorbell rang and some nice lady told me she and her husband were opening a business and that as a promotion they were cleaning one room of carpets for free. I figured it was divine intervention and let her in. What she neglected to say was that she was a Kirby vacuum dealer, and in order to get my room cleaned, I ended up with people in my house for FOUR hours doing a sales pitch! Salespeople from hell. All because you can't keep your clothes on.

Monkey, your dad and I say every day how lucky we are to have you in our home. You bring so much laughter and energy and joy. The other day I told your dad that I never would have imagined when we met that he would be such an amazing husband and father. He said,"I had no idea I would love it so much." With you we have a sense of purpose and a sense of contentment. We adore every facet of your personality and look forward to many more months of learning and growth. We love you more than you can know.



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