Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm bringing sexy back...

I have a funky looking belly button. Naturally the bigger I get, the more retarded it looks. Last week at my doctor's appointment I had them check it and it turns out I have a hernia. The Dr. was pretty nonchalant about it. She just said to have as many kids as I'm going to have, and then get surgery to fix it. Apparently they put mesh in there to keep everything in place. When I did some research on my own, I found the following statement: "Hernias occur when your abdominal muscles stretch or tear -- as they can during pregnancy -- causing part of your intestines to poke through the weakened area. Hernias can be serious because they could become "strangled," causing the blood supply to the trapped intestine to be cut off." Sounds disgusting. This baby has been so active that we always joke about her poking a hole through me. We didn't know that she really would.

Also, a couple of days ago I was curling my hair and got distracted. I was holding the curling iron down while I watched the boy do something, and next thing I knew there was a searing pain on my stomach. Somehow I forgot how much I stick out, and managed to burn a big mark in two places on my belly. Between the herniated belly button and the angry red marks, my stomach region is H-O-T, even on top of the sexiness that is my very inflated belly.

I've been having strong contractions lately, but my doctor still gave me a note and said that the worst thing that could happen is I could have a baby in St. Louis. But since it's not a third world country, I'm not too worried. She gave me her note of a approval, and tomorrow we're on our way to present my paper at the conference in St. Louis. Wish me luck!


MaryRuth said...

You totally should have had AM-H in St. Louis... I think you'd be the only in our family. Ever.

MaryRuth said...

oh and I wanna see belly shots! I don't really believe you're bringing sexy back until I see it!