Monday, November 30, 2009

A Random List

This is where he saw me holding the camera and said "cheese!" until I took a picture.

Things I love about Calvin right now:
  • When Andy or I start to walk away from the boy and he's not done with us, he yells in a pleading voice, "wait! stop!"
  • He loves to ask himself questions. Like if he knows a balloon is red, he'll say, "blue balloon?" and then answer "nooooo". "Yellow balloon?", "nooooo". He'll go through several before saying "red balloon?" and then get excited when he yells "yes!"
  • When we play the high five game (give me five, up high, down low... too slow!) he laughs until he drools.
  • He loves to dance. He has some funky little moves that are hilarious. He rolls his shoulders and stoops low and does a moon walk type thing. His dad actually has rhythm, so I'm pretty sure he dances like me. It's so funny to watch him do it whenever the mood strikes, whether he's at home or in public.
  • He loves to fly around the house and tell us he's a butterfly.
  • Whenever he does something he's proud of he says "great job!" Once when he accomplished something he was working on, I said "good job, Calvin!" and he said, "no, GREAT job!"
  • Whenever he's telling someone goodbye he always blows kisses. He has started doing it when he's playing with his dad and doesn't want me. He'll say "bye mommy!" and blow me a kiss. He spreads his fingers really wide, and kisses the palm of his hand.
He makes us laugh constantly. We often wonder how we were blessed with such a great little kid.


Smith Clan said...

Your little man is going to love that you recorded all this stuff when he is growing up. Love his personality!!!!

MaryRuth said...

his wife is going to be sooooo happy you recorded all of this!!