Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twenty Four Months Old

Dear Calvin,

Wow, you've made it to two years old. You rarely walk - you like to run everywhere you go. You're always going a million different directions, and you chatter incessantly. You have picked up so many words this month that it's amazing. You've started putting sentences together and are expressing what you want and what you think. You make us laugh all of the time, even though once in a while we want to strangle you for being so obstinate and strong willed. You love to tease and laugh. You love to concentrate on what you're doing and learn how things go together and why they work. A few things you've done this month that we want to remember:

You are great at understanding things that we don't remember teaching you. You say "there it is, here we are, Come on" and "go this way." You're always confident about where things are or which way you want to go.

When your PA grandparents called on your birthday, followed by your UT grandparents, you kept saying "two grandmas, two grandpas" You understand that they're different people and that you're lucky enough to have two of each!

You like Yo Gabba Gabba!, the most obnoxious kids show ever. They have this song about trying new foods. One puppet says they don't like some kind of food, and then the other puppets sing the song, "try it you'll like it!" So the other morning you woke up with a cough. I was getting you dressed and you were coughing and I said, "I don't like the sound of that cough!" and you immediately looked at me and said brightly, "try it, you'll like it!" How cute are you?

We were in church a couple of weeks ago and it was very quiet. A woman right behind us sneezed, and you turned around and stared at her and said loudly, "Excuse me!"

You always wake up earlier than your parents would like to wake up, so we pull you into bed with us where you doze off between us for another hour. The other day you were sitting up bending over me, and I was pretending to still be asleep hoping you'd go back to sleep. All of a sudden with your face an inch away from mine, you said so clearly in a loud chirpy voice, "Wake up!" We still have no idea where you learned that one. Now we have a daily alarm clock of you telling us when it's time to wake up.

You have this darling, merry/mischievous look in your eyes. Like you're happily plotting how next to be naughty. The other night when your dad was giving you a bath, he said he was thirsty so I offered to get him a drink. He asked for OJ. When I came back with a glass of orange juice, you squawked until I handed it to you. You barely drank a sip before getting that impish look on your face, and before I could grab the glass, you dropped it in the tub. You'd think that the water would pad it some, but immediately the tub was full of orange juice and small shards of glass. Needless to say bath time was over, but you still seemed pleased with the show. Your poor dad spent the evening scrubbing the tub and never did get a drink.

Calvin, you're such a great kid. You're happy and gregarious and we can't get enough of you. I think about you all the time and just want you to be happy. Lately I lay awake at nights worrying that you're not going to feel as loved in a few weeks when you're not alone anymore. You will always be something special. There's nothing boring or the same about you, and we feel so blessed that you are our little boy. We are so grateful that 24 months ago you came to live in our home.

We love you!

Mom and Dad

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