Sunday, December 6, 2009


We have been waiting to see how Calvin would react to his whole world changing with the addition of a sibling. These pictures basically sum it up.

I set Autumn down leaning on Calvin's arm, and he immediately moved as far away from her as possible.

I then laid her on top of his lap. He slid his arm out from under her and she toppled over.

This is my favorite. I again propped her on his arm and told him to say cheese, that we only needed one picture. This is him trying to cooperate, while cringing away from her so that he didn't have to touch her any more than was absolutely necessary.

When we picked Calvin up from his grandma's house, he would wait until he thought we weren't looking and then look over at her car seat. He stole sidelong glances the whole time, but pretended he wasn't in the least bit interested. The rest of the day he pretended she didn't exist.

This morning when we got in the car he said, "baby home?" I guess he was hoping that we were taking her back where she belonged. The rest of the day he has said "hi baby!" a few times, looked inside her cradle to check her out, and watched us change her diaper. I guess he's warming up to her.


MaryRuth said...

These are sooooooooooooooo funny!! I wonder if this is how I acted when they brought you home... I've heard stories of dropping you on your head :)

We turned out to be bff so there's hope for C & A! :)

Liberty said...

That made me laugh. They are so cute. I'm sure he'll warm up to her eventually...probably right before she starts bothering him all the time. Then he'll want to get rid of her for different reasons. Congrats to you. She's adorable.

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

I just HAD to leave a comment on this post - it cracked me up. What a cute little expressive guy. And congrats again on your new, beautiful, once you decide it's time to have your baby you don't mess around (referencing your post about the birth). Wow!

Smith Clan said...

I have my own C&A (Caleb & Audrey). Funny!