Saturday, October 9, 2010

Buzz and Jessie

We usually go to a pet store a few times a month so that Calvin can see the animals. We have a little local pet store that always lets him hold bunnies, or he can watch them feed the fish, or he plays with adorable little kitties. It's a great way for him to interact with pets, without us having to have one.

Lately as he taps on the glass to make the mice wake up and spin on their wheels, I have been drawn to the bird section. They always look so lively and sound so happy. They always make the inside of the store feel like springtime. For the last several months, every time we've gone to the pet store, I've felt a bit of longing as I've watched those perky little animals. So tonight, on a whim, I decided to take some home with me. I texted Andy who is in CA to see if he had anything against birds, and then I decided on the finches. I bought a cage, all the junk they need, and had the teenage girl catch and release two males before I finally got the pair I wanted.

Aren't they beautiful?
(It's hard to get a camera to focus on jumpy birds behind bars.) I thought Calvin would love watching them, but so far he's not all that interested. He did, however, give them great names. He decided that we should call them Buzz and Jessie.


Smith Clan said...

Now you can have spring time ALL THE TIME.

MaryRuth said...

ugh. You already know my feelings on birds. But they are pretty. Hooray for Springtime at the Nelson's!