Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tri-fit Challenge

In august my stake (church groups in my area) had what they called a tri-fit challenge for women. It was a 1 mile walk, 5 mile bike ride, 3 mile run. You could do all of the legs, or you could have a relay team that each did one part. I decided to do all three, and my sister Mariah agreed to do it with me. It ended up being kind of bogus because in order to start your leg of the challenge, you only had to wait for the first person to return, not your team member. This was lame, for example, because once the first person got back from running the mile, ALL of the bike riders could leave, and once the first bike got back, ALL of those doing the run could leave. So this meant that anyone doing all three was at a distinct disadvantage. Of course no one kept time and it was "just for fun" so really I shouldn't have cared.

The race was hard. Super hard. It was in the foothills, so a lot of it was uphill. You would think this would mean that a lot of it was downhill, but not so. We would meander through the mountains for most of it, then cut strait down for a few blocks, and then be back to the mountain-ish areas to make it back. Thankfully we did pretty well. The bike ride was the hardest, and a lot of the women stopped to walk their bikes up the slopes. We were just proud of ourselves that we made it the whole way without walking our bikes or quitting when the final run sucked.

The best part was that when we were approaching the finish line, Andy and my kids were there waiting. Calvin was so excited about the race, that he completed the last few yards with me. He high-fived all of the ladies as he ran across the finish line. And then he ate watermelon and stole some balloons. And then he ran across the finish line five more times. He thought all of it was magical.

Thanks Riah for doing this with me. I couldn't have done it without you! Let us never speak of it again.
Me, Riah, and Calvin after crossing the finish line.

My cute family. Thanks for coming to support me!

Right after we took this picture, Autumn smiled at me and we noticed that she had her first tooth! It's a cute little tooth on her bottom left. 8/7


MaryRuth said...

Calvin makes me laugh. So cute!

I'm proud of you! That's awesome! Hopefully one of thse days I'll be in shape to do the one mile walk with you... haha!

Smith Clan said...

You are AMAZING!!!! Good job!