Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Lamb and the Lion

Today I was putting some baby and maternity clothes in storage bins, and Calvin found his old lion Halloween costume. He wanted me to put it on him, and then ran around in it growling for a few minutes before he came back to digging through the bins. He then found this fuzzy little outfit that I bought for Autumn, and wanted her to dress up as well. (She never wore it because when it was cold enough to wear it, she was too tiny to take anywhere that it was cold. Is it dumb to buy cold weather clothes for babies when, if they're born in winter, you're not supposed to take them out of the house for the first few months?)

The Girl didn't get into play time quite as much as The Boy did, but they looked cute, so I took pictures.



Smith Clan said...

They look soft and cuddly. I like the lion's undies.

MaryRuth said...

I bet the Lion was trying to eat the lamb! So cute! Love the undies!