Monday, January 2, 2012

4th Birthday Party

For Calvin's 4th birthday he decided that he wanted a Rio party. Of course there are very few resources available for a Rio party, so we had to wing it. Calvin wore his p.j.s, 24 kids under the age of five showed up, and all things considered, it turned out well.

Since it was a random theme, we just went with bright colors and movie posters:

Carrie putting out juice boxes:

The cake. I found the Blu and Jewel online, and then I built the trees out of jute and edible leaves. The cupcakes have Rio rings on them. I was pretty proud of how it turned out.

We played a few different games, but the parachute was the biggest hit. Carrie, my mom, and Andy's mom ran all of the games. I was so glad that they were there to help!

Getting the food ready. We felt like lunch ladies putting it all together.

Eating. The menu was a hit.

Opening presents was a big crazy pit of piranhas:

The party favors:

The art project:

We all had fun. Especially Calvin who smiled a lot and was thrilled to be in his pajamas. It was a lot of work. I'm glad it's over. The end. 11/5.

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MaryRuth said...

Calvin gets a rio party and autumn gets a pez dispenser? where is the justice? haha... just kidding... Rio rocked! We saw Rio on in Walmart the other day and Buddy yelled "Calvin Party!!"... it was super fun... you did an awesome job... and those were seriously the best hot dogs I've ever had. Seriously.