Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Autumn's 2nd Birthday

Autumn loves playing in the dryer and since it was her special day, we let her spin in it for a while. We like cheap thrills at our house.

Her small celebration was a random mix of
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse balloons
Toy Story and Minnie Mouse pez dispensers

and princess cupcakes.
They're all things she loves, so I didn't feel too bad that it was a mishmash of stuff that I put together at the last minute.

Calvin helped her open presents

And her favorite one was the Little People horse trailer.

It wasn't a fancy birthday, but she's always sweet and excited about every little thing.

We love you, Autumn! You have a sunny personality and are sweet to everyone around you. You are quick to laugh and almost always have a smile to share. We are grateful to have you in our family. 12/2

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Smith Clan said...

Autumn does seem like a very SWEET girl. Happy birthday! Um...her hair is killing me!