Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cemeteries and Zombies

I've mentioned before that my kids have a weird obsession with zombies. They talk about them all the time. I don't really understand their level of interest in zombies because they haven't been exposed to them THAT much. They've played Plants vs. Zombies, seen ParaNorman, and watched a few zombie songs on YouTube. Maybe that's too much for kids their age, but it's not like they're watching The Walking Dead or Zombieland or any of the gory, crazy, hardcore stuff.

We've had a lot of deep conversations because of zombies. Calvin wants to know what happens after you die, and why people die, and if Jesus is a zombie since he died and came to life again. When we were in Pennsylvania in the fall visiting his grandparents, he saw tons of old cemeteries. He called the tombstones "Zombie Signs." We thought it was funny.

Lately he's been asking about graveyards and if all dead people turn into zombies. We talk about them being pretend and that graveyards are just a resting place for people who have died. People who have not, do not, and never will turn into zombies.

Today I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the park. Calvin asked to go to the cemetery instead. He said he wanted to make sure for himself that there were no zombies there.

So we spent a lovely afternoon hanging out at the cemetery.

We had a long talk about being respectful. 
 At first they did great. 

 And then they started sitting on things.

 And then they started tampering with things. 

 And then they started hiding in things.

 And then they turned into full-fledged zombies. 

My favorite part, though, was when we saw this tombstone:
I have a sister named Mary Ruth. 
Calvin saw this marker and freaked out. "Mary Ruth died? When did Mary Ruth die?!? What happened?!?" I laughed and said it was a different Mary Ruth and our Mary Ruth was fine, but it took him a minute to calm down. 
(R.I.P Mary Ruth Taylor. I'm sure you were lovely)

It was actually fun. It was a pretty day, and I'm glad Calvin is now at peace about the lack of zombies in our local cemetery. 

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Smith Clan said...

We've had the same zombie/resurrection of Jesus talk at our house. Repeatedly. My kids would die if they found out that you PLAYED at a cemetery. I vow to never tell them. They might instantly die of jealousy overload.