Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Day in the Life

Highlights from an average day at the Nelson house:

While I was taking out recycling, the kids begged me to leave this box. Calvin says that when they're like this:
It's a rocket.

And when they're like this:
It's a Disneyland Rollercoaster.

This came in the mail for Andrew:
I texted him that if he had joined the NRA, he was getting a little too weird for me and it probably wasn't going to work out. He swears he didn't join and that they're probably sending memberships to everyone, bulking up their numbers for the current gun debates.

It was beautiful weather, so we spent the afternoon at the park:
 No idea why I only took shots of the kids trying to hang on long enough for me to snap a shot, and then screaming for me to come grab them before they fell. We did other fun stuff too.

Autumn wanted a picture of her:

And then she took one of me:
I think I was looking something up (though I can't remember what) because it has been months since I've been able to sit and read a novel. I look much more relaxed here than I ever really am, but I do like the belly shot since I haven't been taking any pregnancy photos this time.

And that's your typical day at our house (without pictures of tantrums, time-outs, sibling fights, and other unpleasantness).

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