Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Shopper

Today Autumn was my little shopping buddy while Calvin was at school. She's the best to go with because she's so cheerful the whole time. She can go for hours and never lose her enthusiasm.

The downside is that she loves everything she sees and tosses it into the cart (the other day she dropped a Costco sized can of walnuts onto the eggs. That one didn't end so well), and by the time I get to the checkout counter, I'm pulling out all kinds of crazy stuff and everyone in line judges me that I dump them with the cashier. I'm sorry people,  I try to clean things out ahead of time, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Like today at Target, by the time I was done, she'd added three little girl dresses (2 weren't even her size), a zebra patterned bathing suit, a fedora, a purse, 6 outfits for the baby (mostly girl clothes because she's still holding out hope), a bottle of decorative glass pebbles, one place mat, a large beach ball, several picture frames, and a decorative turtle shell. I know I should be more stern along the way, but I don't want to crush her little spirit.

So we bought one dress, the bathing suit, and the beach ball.

While I was looking at curtain panels, she kept yelling, "Mom, look at me! Take a picture!":

And Autumn in the fedora was too cute not to capture:

After Target we hit Lowe's and I had a cart full of Dora nightlights, random door pulls, and some paint brushes. It was a fun day with my girl.

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