Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family Fun

Lately I've been trying to play more board/card/learning games with the kids. Tonight before bed they each picked one. Autumn picked the monkeys:
And Calvin picked Monopoly Jr.:
The kids were so funny to me tonight because Autumn was really into her game, but she lost horribly. She couldn't have cared less about Monopoly, and she killed us all. Calvin had to be coaxed back to the monkey game every two minutes and he won by a landslide. But he was super invested in Monopoly and Autumn wasted him (At least he beat me. By the end I was stealing money from the bank to pay my debts). I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere, but mostly we just had fun.

Another thing that cracked me up tonight was that Autumn found these "slippers" and wore them from the time she got out of the bathtub to the time she climbed in bed. They are hand puppets. 
She was sure it was sheer genius that she was using them as slippers because she literally told me every two minutes: "Mom, these are my slippers. They are very soft, and I will wear them to bed. Not puppets. Slippers." She intended to sleep in them, but I guess at the last minute she didn't like how her blanket kept catching on them.

As she slipped them off, she said, "that's okay, tomorrow I'll use them as roller skates." Which means she'll slide on the kitchen floor in them. I guess it's good that they're getting some creative use.

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