Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day Two at the Hospital

Today I was feeling great. I got up early and showered. Put on makeup. Straightened my room. I was ready for my deluge of visitors and spending time with my baby.

Nobody came to visit and they kept the baby in the nursery because he was still choking on a thick yellow mucous that he kept spitting up. They had to run a line down his throat several times to pump his stomach and keep him from choking.  My family was all together at the reunion, and I was sad I wasn't there. (Weeks later my mom said that nobody came because they thought I wanted my space.)

I watched Frasier reruns, Andy brought me Five Guys, and I loved the short amounts of time with my new little guy. At least there was that.   

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MaryRuth said...

awww... that makes me sad! I totally would have come to the hospital but Mom thought you wanted your space!!! Now I feel sad... I totally would have come!!! Let's do a do-over!!!