Friday, June 21, 2013

Going Home

It's crazy how when you have a baby, there are always nurses hovering. It's hard to get a moment's peace. But the morning I want to go home, there's not a person in sight. My nurses were fantastic and I loved them, just saying it's hard to get out of there.

Andy and I waiting. We sat on the bed and watched some show about police in Alaska while the baby slept. Bored/Anxious/Annoyed:
Ready to go:
(Yes, these are the pjs I came in. I never finished packing my hospital bag, so I asked Andy to grab me some clothes. He brought a pair of skinny pants that didn't fit and a maternity shirt that has two buttons in the center that I only wear over a tank top because it was not meant to be worn alone. Unless you like everything hanging out. Bless his heart for trying.)
 Oh, look at the cuteness:

Finally at about 11am my doctor signed off on me leaving and the pediatrician signed off on Nick leaving. His bilirubin count was high--more jaundice tests required in 48 hours--he's been losing weight so we have to force feed him, but overall, his lungs look good and he's doing fine. Andy grabbed my prescriptions and we made it home around noon.
Autumn had already claimed the bassinet for baby Ariel:

Some less than flattering shots that Andy caught. They're terrible, but I love that they show how super tiny the baby is.

We left the kids at the reunion, and though I've talked to them once or twice and it's been nice to get some rest, I'm really missing them. I can't wait for them to come home tomorrow. A friend of mine brought us dinner--grilled chicken, salad, and fruit that was delicious--and Andy and I watched a funny movie. It was a relaxing day, it's good to be home, and I'm so glad to have my little guy in my arms--even if he did come weeks earlier than we'd expected.

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MaryRuth said...

totally laughing about the clothes andy brought.. bless his heart!

I love Nicholas... he's adorable!!!