Monday, June 17, 2013

Doctors, Ballet, and Reunions

Now that all of the wedding stuff is behind us, you'd think that life would slow down. Nope. Today is the first day of our family reunion--Booneanza. This year it's in Park City, so we spent the day hustling to get things ready and get out of the house. Here are the highlights:

Doctor's Appointment:
I've been having a lot of contractions this past week. I'm only 37 weeks, but today the doctor said I'm 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and the baby is very low. She thinks that he could come any day.

I also found out that I tested positive for Group B Strep, which means I have to have at least two rounds of penicillin, four hours apart before the baby comes or he could have issues.

All of this stresses me out because I tend to have short labors, and I'll be in the mountains all week, over an hour away from my hospital. Making it on time could be dicey and adding the need for IV antibiotics makes it worse.

Dance Class:
Today in Autumn's dance class they focused on Sleeping Beauty. They learned some new ballet moves, beaded a cute little necklace, danced to Sleeping Beauty songs, and dressed up like the princess of the day. Autumn loves that class. It's fun to watch her get so excited about going and enthusiastic about learning while she's there.

After dance, we rushed to throw everything in the car and get out the door to the reunion. I got lost in the mountains, bouncing around on windy dirt roads. By the time we found the cabin, I was having severe contractions and everyone was loading up again to leave for the Heber Creeper train ride. I was grumpy.

We made it to the train at 6:50 and they let us know that they leave promptly at 7:00. Half of the family wasn't there. We called everyone and they were still 5-10 minutes away, so we boarded the train and hoped for the best. At 6:58, cars we recognized came flying into the parking lot. We all watched out the window, praying they would make it on time. Mary Ruth's family made it. And then Jared and Alicia and their 6 kids jumped on. Then Sam and Carrie. And right at 7:00 my parents made it on. We couldn't believe that everyone had made it, just in time. The doors closed and we took off.

We later learned that Sam and Carrie's car had overheated, so Alicia's family pulled over to help  and give them a ride.

Sadly, we were spread out across four different train cars and were smashed into seats with random strangers, but it was fun for the kids to run around the cars or sit in seats with their cousins. The car we were in was full of another family reunion--they were doing karaoke and it was kind of fun to be in a loud, obnoxious group singing at the top of their lungs.

Once we were back to the cabin, we grilled burgers and ate at 10pm. Two of my brothers-in-law went down to meet Andy at the exit and lead him up to the cabin--he had come straight from the airport after a business trip. It was mostly a stressful day, but the cabin is beautiful, there's tons to do (pool and ping pong tables, arcade games, kids' playground, theater room, etc.), and it will be a fun week. The best part is how excited Calvin and Autumn are to be with cousins. As soon as we arrived, they found their friends and disappeared until bedtime.

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