Saturday, March 5, 2016

Calvin's Baptism and Ice Show

Today was a long time coming! Calvin had a hard time deciding if he wanted to be baptized. Once he finally decided and was excited about setting a date, we had to push it back for Grandma's radiation treatments, and then we had another date set, which was cancelled when Andy had to go to Israel for work. So, months after turning eight, Calvin was really excited for his big day.

Nicky sitting reverently in the chairs we'd set up. He thought it was so great, that he forced Autumn and his bear to sit with him.
I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the house. We kept it simple but had fresh flowers and a gold eight and pictures of Calvin set up. 

Our family before the service started:

Andy and Calvin, ready for their big day!

One of my favorite things about today was that for her brother, Autumn asked if she could sing a solo. Calvin also wanted his cousins to sing, so we did a group song, with Autumn doing a solo at the beginning and end. It turned out so great. Autumn was so loud and brave, and I wish I had a recording of her doing her amazing solo. Here they are practicing before the baptism started:

Grandma and I gave talks, and the service was short and sweet. Calvin wanted to keep it small, so he handpicked his favorite people. We were so grateful they would spend the day with us.

After the service, all but a few of them came over for refreshments. It was a beautiful day, so the kids played in the backyard, we had delicious treats, and the grownups enjoyed chatting.

It was the perfect day.

And then we had part 2.

Almost a year ago, tickets went on sale for Disney's Frozen on Ice. I thought it would be fun, so I bought tickets, thinking I would give them to the kids for Christmas. I forgot. I would have forgotten about the whole thing completely if I hadn't put it into my calendar.  So after a long morning, we drove to Salt Lake and settled in for the show.

Before it even started, the kids had talked their dad into popcorn, pretzels and cotton candy. At halftime, they got snow cones, ice cream, and another pretzel. Basically all they wanted to do was eat and buy things.

Calvin was bored before it started. About ten minutes in, he was asking to go home.

The problem with the show was that it was the movie rehashed on ice. It would've been fun if they'd used the characters to do a spinoff or something, but it was the exact same story line. Not to mention the 30 minute long intermission in the middle so people could buy more stuff. 

Autumn was the only one who liked it. She was happy and loved it, so that makes it worth it. She's looking adorable in her Olaf hat.

The beginning was promising when a bunch of random Disney characters danced and sang.

And then Frozen live went on and on. It felt longer than the movie.

Then the reprisal. 

Then we made the long drive home. That was our first (and hopefully last) experience with Disney on Ice, but it was mostly fun to spend time together.

Autumn made me this when we got home. It's her own concoction of fresh squeezed orange juice and carrot chunks. It was sweet of her, but it reminded me of what my gallstones looked like. 

It was a fun, family filled day. I'm proud of Calvin. I love the kiddos, and I'm so grateful to be their mama. Days like today are too few and far between.

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