Monday, March 7, 2016

Rabbit Fur Hat

For Christmas, Andy gave me a rabbit fur hat. It's soft and warm and I like it, but it makes me a little sad to wear a dead bunny on my head. It doesn't matter anyway, because Calvin has taken it over.

He wears it around the house, playing video games, outside, and even sleeps in it at night. This bothers me for two reasons:

1) It makes him disgustingly sweaty. His head is like a wet mop when he takes it off. I can't even imagine how the poor rabbit feels.

2) He can't hear anything. I can talk to him for five minutes and then yell to see if he was listening. He'll see my lips moving and nonchalantly pull it off and say, "Did you say something, Mom?" Grr.

The other day when we were driving, a rabbit jumped across the road. Calvin said in his best "thug voice" (we hear it a lot around here) while petting the hat. "That bunny jumped outta the way fast, 'cause he saw what I did to his brotha." 

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