Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gymnastics, Sunsets, and Writing Group

Autumn wanted some pictures today at gymnastics, so here she is balancing before class:

 Practicing cartwheels:
 (she's the cute little green dot!)

Andy and the boys met us at Chick-fil-a, so the kids could climb around in the play area for a bit while Andy and I tried to have adult conversations (nothing steamy, just literally trying to be two adults talking without constant interruptions.) 

And on the way home, we saw the most amazing sunset, so we stopped to enjoy it for a few minutes.

My favorite new thing is our "Writing Group." I'm working on a book app with a developer, and it's content I've never written before, so Calvin was helping me with the plot. He said, "we should have our own writing group!" So we got together, wrote for two five-minute bursts, read a chapter in a book about writing for kids, and then shared our stories. It was so much fun! I love the imaginations these two have!
Calvin: A Lego's Life and Time Eyes (one eye sees the past, one eye sees the future)
Autumn: PB&J Eating Ghost and The Disabled, Out of Control Robot

Brilliant, right? I hope it's something we keep up with, because we all loved it, and it was a fun new way to interact.

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